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Jongeren in Lost Gravity

Lost Gravity

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Lost Gravity: the extreme ride that takes you to a place where gravity is lost. What used to be up is now beyond and the other way around. Hold on tight for intense corners, a maximum of airtime and two mindblowing inversions. Are you ready to lose gravity?

Lost Gravity inversion
Lost Gravity at full speed
Screaming in Lost Gravity
First drop Lost Gravity
Overview of Lost Gravity's track

About Lost Gravity

BigDipper in Walibi Holland

In March 2016, Walibi Holland opened Lost Gravity: a roller coaster of the BigDipper type, built by the German company MACK Rides. The black-and-yellow steel track takes you to a height of 32 metres and then sends you into the depths with a twisted drop. Lost Gravity reaches a top speed of 87 kilometres per hour, so you can cover the 680 metre long track in 82 seconds. The 4.3G, the two inversions and the Banked Top Hat give you that great feeling of weightlessness!

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Did you know...?

that Lost Gravity has his own soundtrack? The three-minute dance song is called 'Move Up (Lost Gravity)' and was made by rapper Mr. Polska and producer Boaz of the Beatz. The accompanying music video has been watched more than 1.5 million times on YouTube.

Guests in Lost Gravity