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Ready for an untamed, rugged and sensational ride? Then experience the ride of your life in our newest hybrid roller coaster, UNTAMED. This ride has a steel track with a wooden frame, which guarantees a great ride. We guarantee you'll GET THE RUSH!

First drop UNTAMED
270 degrees double inverting corner stall UNTAMED


Our new hybrid coaster

UNTAMED, the newest roller coaster in Walibi Holland, is built by Rocky Mountain Construction. The wooden construction of Robin Hood has been used as the basis for UNTAMED. The steel track mounted on top of it provides an unequalled ride. With a speed of 92 kilometres per hour and 5 inversions and 14x airtime moments during the 1,085 metre long track, UNTAMED is action packed from start to finish!

Uitzicht op water

The making of UNTAMED!

Do you want to know how UNTAMED came about? Check the page with all Making of-videos for a look behind the scenes during the construction of this spectacular roller coaster!

Untamed family

Did you know...?

that UNTAMED is the first hybrid roller coaster in Europe? This means that the construction is made of 100% wood and the track is made of 100% steel.

Did you know...?

that UNTAMED is 4.5 metres higher than its predecessor? The highest point is at 36.5 meters. This means a first drop of 35.4 meters!

Did you know...?

that at the opening on July 1, 2019, a world record was set with the first inversion of the track, the Double Inverting 270 Degree Corner Stall?

Did you know...?

Did you know...?

Did you know...?