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Grande Roue


Looking for a great location?


Looking for a location for a seminar, training , family day or a remarkable staff party? Walibi Holland offers awesome locations! Check out the various locations 

Club W.A.B. and W.A.B. Plaza

Capacity: max. 3.000 guests

Club W.A.B. is all about music. There are six different rooms with musical themes. Hire a room or combine them all for an event or a big party. W.A.B. can accommodate 20 to 1,000 people. If you need more space, you can hire the surrounding W.A.B. Plaza, where you can accommodate another 3.000 people. 

BizNiz Center

With its central location and unique environment, the BizNiz Center of Walibi Holland is ideal for your private or business occasions.