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Staff outing

Staff outing

Invite your staff to an amazing outing in Walibi Holland

Organise a party for your staff in a unique location

Instead of organising a party for your entire staff at your own company, you may be looking for a unique or special location. Have you thought about taking a trip to Walibi? A staff outing to Walibi offers various locations to get together for an opening speech, as well as more than thirty spectacular rides where your employees can GET THE RUSH. You can end the day with an awesome party that they will never forget...

Come to Walibi for the best staff outing

In Walibi Holland, all colleagues are guaranteed to have the time of their lives. Our thirty-plus rides offer something for everyone! Lovers of extreme G-forces can get their thrills in six incredible roller coasters - how about our new hybrid coaster UNTAMED? - while their colleagues who prefer to take things a bit slower can enjoy Crazy River, El Rio Grande or one of our many other spectacular rides.


Affordable rates for your outing

If you organise a staff outing in Walibi for twenty people or more, we can offer you a very attractive group rate. Instead of paying the standard ticket price of €43.50, tickets costs just €31,50. If you have a large group of employees, the discount really adds up!

Do you want to make your staff outing

truly unique and complete?

A memorable staff outing needs good catering. We offer a wide range of options, including a lunch buffet, dinner or drinks and snacks. Click on the “Hospitality & catering” button below for more information. If you want to make the outing a truly special experience for your staff (e.g. by spending the night in Walibi Village), visit the page Make your day complete.

Staff outing Walibi Holland catering

Perhaps you already know exactly what you want and you wonder if we can offer what you need. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to contact us so we can help you organise the perfect staff outing!

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