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Rollercoaster Run 2019

Rollercoaster Run 2019

On Saturday 13 July 2019 Walibi Holland and Fight cancer will organize the second edition of the Rollercoaster Run.

Update: Mascha van Till, director of Walibi Holland, presented Fight Cancer with a cheque worth € 56.305,- on the evening of Saturday July 13th. Last year, the Rollercoaster Run raised over € 31,000. This year no less than 250 riders ran 5 kilometers over and along the park and ventured into Lost Gravity, Xpress: Platform 13 and UNTAMED. The 538-dj's Barend van Deelen and Daniël Lippens raised almost € 22.000 with their teams and had a considerable contribution in the final amount.

The course of the run is a five kilometre route through the park of Walibi Holland, including a ride in three roller coasters, including the latest "UNTAMED". The entry is officially opened via

After a successful first edition in 2018 where 232 participants raised over 32,000 euros for cancer research, this unique run will be extended with an extra roller coaster. Fight cancer and Walibi Holland are supported by Radio 538. The radio station has been supporting Fight cancer for 3 years as a media partner. This year the DJ's Barend van Deelen and Daniël Lippens embrace this unique funrun! Barend and Daniel will both put together a team with listeners, influencers and Dutch celebrities.

After your registration on the website of Fight cancer you have received a unique code from Fight cancer with which you can download your Rollercoaster Runner ticket via the link below. If you have not yet registered, you can do so via the link below:

Do your family and friends want to encourage you? That is possible! In the shop the participant can click on a maximum of 3 free tickets for spectators. The main entrance of Walibi will open for spectators at 18.30 hours. Look for more information on your ticket.  

Would you like to be HARDGAAN all day? Then don't forget to buy a day ticket for only €22.50 per person (maximum 4 day tickets per participant). More information can be found in the webshop.