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FAQ Walibi Holland

FAQ Walibi Holland

Do you have a question about Walibi Holland? Chances are that you will find the answer in the frequently asked questions on this page!

Where do I buy my tickets for Walibi Holland?

Tickets for Walibi Holland can be bought at the box office on opening days, but the easiest way is to buy them online in advance. To do so, go to the Tickets page. Did you know that you always get a discount when you buy your tickets for Walibi online?

Can I use my unused tickets in the new season?

No, unused tickets from last season(s) lose their validity and are therefore not redeemable in the new season. Expired tickets are also not exchangeable for cash.

Where is the kiss & ride location?

To drop someone off or pick them up at Walibi Holland, drive into the main car park via the pickup & drop off lane. You will receive a parking ticket with which you can drive out free of charge within an hour. Follow the instructions on the signs and the instructions of the traffic controllers.

Can I spend the night near Walibi Holland?

Yes, in Walibi Village you can spend the night in one of the comfortable cottages. The holiday park has 4-, 7- and 8-person cottages. For large groups there is a 16-person villa for rent. Check the page Walibi Village for information and availability.

Can I use a discount code for online discount tickets?

No, discount codes are not applicable to discounted tickets.

Where can I find the found objects?

Did you lose something during your visit to Walibi Holland? Via iLost you can easily look up the item you lost and have it sent back to you. Have you found your lost item? Respond to the photo and say you want to pick it up or have it sent to you.

Can I receive an information leaflet?

If you would like to receive an information brochure or a map of Walibi Holland, you can request it by e-mail. Mail your request to and we will send you the desired information as soon as possible. Don't forget to mention your name, address, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address.

What is Fast Lane and how does it work?

Fast Lane is a reservation system that keeps a place in an attraction free for you. You don't have to queue up. This way you can enjoy the park longer and you are less waiting in the queue. This gives you the opportunity to play games, eat good food or go to another attraction. When it's almost your turn, you will receive a signal on your mobile phone. Go to the ride and report to a Rides employee via the Fast Lane entrance. Read more on our Fast Lane page.

What are the length requirements of the attractions?

The attractions in Walibi Holland have different length requirements. To see if you meet the height requirements of the attractions, you can use the Ride Scanner after entering Main Street. You will then receive a coloured wrist band. On the map you can see which attractions you are allowed to use by their colours. The length of each attraction is also indicated and you can filter by length on the page Attractions. You will then only see the attractions you are allowed to enter.

Are the attractions open when it rains?

When it rains, all the attractions are open, including the roller coasters! Only in case of heavy rain, thunderstorms or strong gusts of wind we close the rides for the safety of our guests. This closure is often of short duration. As soon as the shower has passed, we open all rides again.

Are the attractions suitable for pregnant women?

Not all attractions are suitable for pregnant women. To make sure you are allowed in an attraction, you can read the information on the attraction boards in the park.

Are pets allowed in the park?

No, pets are not allowed. With the exception of guide dogs for the blind and disabled, pets are not allowed. However, these assistance dogs must be clearly recognizable.

Is there a dress code in the park?

Yes, both adults and children are required to wear shoes, shorts and a T-shirt for safety and hygiene reasons.

Are skateboards and rollerblades allowed in the park?

No, roller skates, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles and other vehicles are forbidden in the park.

Can I apply for sponsorship?

Walibi Holland has a limited budget available for sponsorship. Requests for sponsorship can be sent to Please note that it is not possible to fulfill all requests. Correspondence about the allocation of, for example, free tickets is not possible.

Where can I submit a complaint, compliment or tip?

Walibi Holland is looking forward to your feedback. We will do our very best to give you a great day out. If you have experienced this differently, we would appreciate it very much if you let us know. You can send your complaint, tip, compliment or suggestion to or leave it on the Complaints & Compliments page.

Where can I eat gluten-free in the park?

In Walibi Holland there is gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, halal and lactose-free food available at various catering establishments. At Guest Service leaflets are available with all restaurants and the dishes you can get there.

Can I withdraw money at the park?

Yes, this is possible at the following locations: Hall of Fame and Guest Service.

Are lockers available at the park?

Yeah, you can rent a locker at the Sunset Souvenirs store. The lockers cost € 4,- per day. The dimensions of these lockers are 56 cm deep, 32 cm wide and 34 cm high. A deposit of € 5,- will be asked for the safe key, which you will receive back after returning the key.

What is the minimum age to visit the park?

There is no minimum age to visit the park. Persons under 120 cm are not allowed in certain attractions on their own. Accompanied by an adult, however, this is permitted. Check the attractions to see what the minimum length is for the attractions in Walibi Holland.

I lost my subscription, what should I do?

For € 7.50 you can receive a duplicate of your subscription. You can request and pick it up at Guest Service in Walibi Holland. You will find Guest Service in Main Street, after entering on the left hand side.

Is my subscription valid during Halloween events?

Yes, subscribers have unlimited access to Halloween Fright Nights and Halloween Spooky Days days. You must be able to show a valid subscription at the entrance.