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Redeem your code

Redeem your code

for your Walibi Holland tickets!

Ready for a day of GETTING THE RUSH? Redeem your unique code quickly!

Did you receive an unique code? Then follow the steps below to redeem your unique code, reserve your day and enjoy a day of GETTING THE RUSH at Walibi Holland!

Please note: before you go ahead with the following steps, do you know when you want to visit Walibi? You will use your unique code for a ticket by date! You can't change this code after you've completed your order, so check the opening hours first!

Redeem your code

  1. Please tick below that you agree with the corona measures at the park. Click on the button that appears.
  2. Fill in your unique code.
  3. Select a ticket and choose a date.
  4. Complete your order and receive your ticket(s) in the mail.
  5. Did you receive multiple unique codes? Then follow these steps again!

* Your unique code is valid only once for the number of tickets mentioned on your voucher and loses its validity after completing the ordering process, as described above. If you leave the ordering process before the end, you can use the unique code again.

Frequently asked questions, measures and Testing for Entry

To ensure a safe day out for our guests, we have taken various measures in and around the park. You can find all measures here. 

COVID Certificate

This year, you will be given access to Halloween Fright Nights by means of Testing for Entry. This means that we ask for a COVID Certificate. You must bring your Certificate with you via the CoronaCheck app or printed out on paper. This way we can ensure that you can once again experience Halloween Fright Nights safely. The corona measures can be adjusted in the run-up to Halloween Fright Nights in consultation with the authorities. By buying a ticket, you agree to these conditions. View all corona measures here or click on the button for frequently asked questions. 


Redeem your code here