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Elementary school

Elementary school

Surprise the class with the most spectacular school trip: Walibi Holland! A day at Walibi Holland literally turns the world of every child upside down.

Visit Walibi Holland with your entire elementary school

Whether you want to organise a school trip for your entire elementary school or only take the students from the seventh and eighth grades, every elementary school student will have a fantastic time while they GET THE RUSH in Walibi Holland!

Spectacular rides for all classes

Walibi Holland offers more than thirty spectacular rides for students of all ages. For the true daredevils, we have six amazing roller coasters - including our latest model made from wood and steel: UNTAMED. There is also plenty to do for students who like a bit of excitement, but want to take things slower nonetheless. They can go for a splash in the log ride Crazy River, enjoy the rapids of El Rio Grande or get some air in Superswing!

Walibi Holland: the perfect school trip for elementary schools

More than thirty rides for students of all ages, allowing everyone to push themselves as far as they want to go. Excitement, thrills and fun: the perfect combination for a unique trip for your entire elementary school!

Advantages school trip Walibi Holland

1.    More than 30 attractions for young and old;
2.    2 free tickets per 20 pupils for the guides after the visit;
3.    Possibility to change or cancel free of charge (numbers) up to 21 calendar days before the visit;
4.    No pre-payment obligation;
5.    Coach parking free of charge;
6.    Wide range of catering options;
7.    Free map for every pupil/student.

Goliath Walibi Holland

School travel rate 2024

School travel fare Primary education€ 21,00 p.p.
Regular rate Walibi Holland (cash register price high season)€ 43,50 p.p.
1 supervisor per 10 pupilsFree
Extra companion€ 21,00 p.p.

All rates valid for 20 or more students. Rates not valid on Dutch holidays, during summer vacation, on Halloween Fright Nights dates and Bright Nights dates.

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