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7 person house

The seven-person cottages in Walibi Village are ideal for large families and groups of friends. After a day at Walibi you can relax in your comfortable bungalow, with various facilities just around the corner. Take a seat in our restaurant, splash in the pool or play a game of pool in the cosy lounge. That is what we call CHILL TO THE MAX.

Number of persons: 7
Bedrooms: 4
Size: 120m2
WiFi: free
Parking: free
Smoking: forbidden


This season, you will get a free extra day at Walibi Holland when you stay two or more nights at Walibi Village. Spend at least two nights and visit the park FOR FREE twice! Book your accommodation today to take advantage of this promotion.

A family in Walibi Village
Vakantiehuis 7 personen - overnachten bij Walibi
Vakantiehuis 7 personen - ideaal voor een weekend weg met 7 personen
Huisje huren 7 personen - Overnachten bij Walibi Village
Samen een weekend weg met 7 personen - spelletjes spelen
7-persoons huisje - bank

Relax in Walibi Village

After a day at Walibi you probably don't feel like driving all the way home anymore. So stay with your family or group of friends in a relaxed 7 person cottage in Walibi Village. Take a dip in the pool and relax in our lounge.

Play pool in the Lounge
Walibi Village zwembad

Book a 7-person cottage!

Already from €46,50 per person per night

Don't feel like driving home after a hard day? Then book a 7-person cottage at Walibi Village for your family or friends. A stay in Walibi Village includes one day admission to Walibi Holland.

Family at a 7 person cottage

The surroundings of Walibi

Are you renting a house in Walibi Village for several days? Then go out and discover the beautiful surroundings of the park. Lake Veluwe is just a stone's throw away and the medieval fortified town of Elburg gives the area a unique character.

Lake Veluwemeer