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Who's Walibi for?

Who's Walibi for?

Family and friends


Come with the Family to Walibi

Come to Walibi Holland and experience a spectacular and fun day out with the whole family! In our amusement park on the edge of the beautiful Veluwemeer there is a lot to do for all ages. There are attractions for the little ones, but we also have more than 20 spectacular attractions for kids from 6 years of age. You don't like excitement yourself? At various chill spots you can sit down with a cup of coffee and some goodies, while watching your children enjoy the attractions!

splash battle
el rio grande


Bring your friends to Walibi

Are you looking for excitement and challenge? Come to Walibi Holland for a spectacular day of GETTING THE RUSH with your friends! With 11 thrill rides you won't be short of adrenaline rushes! Do you dare for example in Goliath, the fastest and highest roller coaster in the Netherlands? Or how about Lost Gravity? It's so bizarre that you don't know what's up and what's down... Scroll on and discover the perfect day out for you and your friends!

lost gravity